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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What is Software Project Management? List the number of tasks it consists.

In Software Project Management, the end users and developers need to know the length, duration and cost of the project. It is a process of managing, allocating and timing resources to develop computer software that meets requirements. It consists of eight tasks:
- Problem Identification
- Problem Definition
- Project Planning
- Project Organization
- Resource Allocation
- Project Scheduling
- Tracking, Reporting and Controlling
- Project Termination

In problem identification and definition, the decisions are made while approving, declining or prioritizing projects. In problem identification, project is identified, defined and justified. In problem definition, the purpose of the project is clarified. The main product is project proposal.

In project planning, it describes a series of actions or steps that are needed to for the development of work product. In project organization, the functions of the personnel are integrated. It is done in parallel with project planning.

In resource allocation, the resources are allocated to a project so that the goals and objectives are achieved. In project scheduling, resources are allocated so that project objectives are achieved within a reasonable time span.

In tracking, reporting and controlling, the process involves whether the project results are in accordance with project plans and performance specification. In controlling, proper action is taken to correct unacceptable deviations.

In project termination, the final report is submitted or a release order is signed.

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