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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What are different programming guidelines ?

Programming is a skill and the programmer should be given the flexibility to implement the code. Guidelines that should be kept in mind during programming are:

- Pseudocodes can be used to adapt the design to the chosen programming language. They are structured English that describes the flow of a program code. The design is an outline of what is to be done in component and in which the programmer adds his creativity and expertise. Codes can be rearranged orreconstructed with a minimum of rewriting.

- Control structure is based on messages being sent among objects of classes, system states and changes in variables. It is important for the program structure to reflect the design's control structure. Modularity, Coupling, Cohesion are good design characteristics that must be translated to program characteristic.

- Documentation guidelines is a set of written description that explain to the reader what the programs do and how they do it. Two program documentation are created:

Internal documentation is a descriptive document directly written within the source code. A summary information is provided to describe its data structures, algorithms, and control flow.

External Documentation consists of other documents that are not part of the source code but is related to the source code. The preconditions and post conditions of the source code are identified in object oriented system.

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