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Sunday, April 3, 2011

What role does documentation plays in development process?

Documentation is a set of documents or informational products to describe a computer system. Each document is designed to represent particular function like reference, instructional and motivational.
Some types of documentation and informational products are system features and functions, user and management summaries, users manual, video and multimedia, tutorials, demonstrations, reference guide, technical references, system test models,
operations/operators manual, wall charts, newsletters.

A useful document furthers the understanding of the system's desired andactual behavior and structure. The criteria for measuring usability of documents are readability, availability, suitability and accessibility.

Purpose of Documentation

- It provides a reasonably permanent statement of a system's structure or behavior through reference manuals, user guides and systems architecture documents.
- It serves as transitory documents that are part of the infrastructure involved in running real projects.

Importance of Documents and Manuals

- Cost saving.
- They serve as sales and marketing tools.
- They serve as tangible deliverables.
- They serve as contractual obligations.
- They serve as security blankets.
- They serve as testing and implementation aids.
- They are used to compare the old and new systems.

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