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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What are data design, interface design, report design, form design?


- Data design is a software engineering task.
- It creates a model of the data in a more implementation specific representation.
- Data design is a process of gradual refinement, from the coarse to the precise data structures and processes that provide it.
- Data design includes identifying the data, defining specific data types and storage mechanisms, and ensuring data integrity.


- Interface design comprises of designing elements that facilitate how software communicates with humans, devices and other systems that interoperate with it.
- Consistency should be maintained.
- Designing good forms, reports and screens are critical in determining how the system will be acceptable to end-users.


Reports can be placed on an ordinary paper, continuous forms, screen-based or microfilm or microfiche. Things that should be kept in mind while designing reports are:
- Number of Copies and Volume
- Report Generation
- Report Frequency
- Report Figures
- Media

Forms are usually used for input when a workstation is not available. The following are the steps in designing forms.
- Instructions should appear on the form except when the same person fills itover and over again.
- Use familiar words.
- The answer space should be enough for user to comfortably enter all necessary information.
- Lower case print is easier to read that uppercase.

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