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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is Software Process? What do you mean by software quality factors? What are different process models?

The factors that affect the quality of the software are called quality factors. The software product quality has three dimensions and each of the dimension deals with a set of quality factors.

- Correctness
- Reliability
- Efficiency
- Integrity
- Usability
- Portability
- Re usability
- Interoperability
- Maintainability
- Flexibility
- Testability

Software process is a set of activities, together with ordering constraints among them, such that if the activities are performed properly and in accordance with the ordering constraints, the desired result is produced.
Software process deals with the technical and management issues of software development.
The different process models are:
- Waterfall Model
The phases of the model are organized in a linear order.
- Prototyping
A throw away prototype is built instead of freezing the requirements before design or coding to help understand the requirements.
- Iterative
The software should be developed in increments with each functionality added to each increment.
- Spiral
Software development activities are organized like a spiral that has many cycles. The radial dimension represents the cumulative cost and the angular dimension represents the progress.

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