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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What are different programming standards and procedures?

Translating design can be a difficult task. Two problems can be encountered:
- The designer of the system might not able to address the specifics of the platform and programming environment.
- The codes should be written in away that is understandable not only to the programmer who did it but also by other programmers and testers.
- The programmer must take advantage of the characteristics of the design's organization, the data's structure and programming language constructs while still creating code that is easily maintainable and reusable.

What are different programming standards and procedures

Sometimes when writing a code,several people are involved. Thus,a great deal of cooperation and coordination is required. Programming standards and procedures are important for several reasons.
- Thoughts can be organized and mistakes can be avoided.
- How to document the source codes to make them clear?
- Faults can be located.
- It helps in the translation from the design code to the source code.
- It can assists other team members such as software testers, software integrators and software maintainers.
- Smooth ens the coordination and communication.

Implementation Specific Standards

- Platform where the software will be developed and used.
- Standards on the source code documentation.
- Standards for correspondence between design and source codes.
- Design characteristics such as low coupling, high-cohesion and well-defined interfaces.

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