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Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is a Silk Test Test plan? What are the types of text lines in a test plan file?

A silk test plan consists of large amounts of data as well as information based on which are the details of the plan which in turn will be used in the organization and the development of the software system or application. 
It has three basic qualities as mentioned below:
  1. Well structured
  2. Hierarchical
  3. Ideal model
A silk test test plan constitutes of two parts which are entirely different:
  1. First part consists of an outline which gives a detailed description of the all the requirements of the testing process.
  2. Second part consists of a statement which establishes a relationship between the outline of the first part and 4test scripts as well as test cases which are bound to implement the requirements defined above.

What is a Silk Test Plan?

- Test plan helps in achieving a guided way for the creation as well as execution of the test cases. 
- A new test plan can be created by following the below mentioned steps:
  1. Go to the file menu and then click on new option.
  2. From the drop down list that follows select test plan and hit OK. You will get a test plan window. Fill in the required fields and click OK.
- This is a known fact that silk test specializes in the field of functionality as well as regression testing and has been a known product when it comes to web, java or windows based applications. 
- Silk test provides you with two ways for defining or creating the automated tests:
  1. By using the record test case command for recording the actions and the verification of steps.
  2. Using visual 4test scripting language by writing the test cases manually.
- Test plans in silk test are stored as ‘test plan (.pln)’ file type. 
- This file type is sometimes used for making combinations of the test scripts. 
The basic purpose of a silk test test plan is to provide a frame work for the testing process and also for the organization and maintenance of the testing requirements. 

Benefits of using a Test Plan

Using a test plan has following benefits:
  1. With test plan you have a chance to implement top down approach for defining the testing requirements, developing thoughts and refining the requirements.
  2. Attributes can be assigned to individual tests or group of tests.
  3. Redundancy is reduced single only actually implementing statements are allowed.
  4. Can be used as a comprehensive inventory of requirements consisting of most general as well as specific requirements.

What kind of text lines are there in a test plan file?

Test plan file consists of 5 types of text lines that we have described below:
  1. First type of text lines are the comments which are usually marked in green color.These types of text lines provide commentary type of information regarding the test code.
  2. Group Description: This type of text lines are represented in bold black color. Furthermore, they are included so as to provide a description of a group of tests rather than describing individual tests. Usually, a test plan consists of many tests which are then grouped in to multiple levels of various groups.
  3. Test Description: This type of text lines are written in blue color and are meant for showcasing the description of the individual tests only.
  4. Test plan statement: This type of text lines in a test plan file provide information regarding the relations to the following elements:
a)   Test cases
b)   Link scripts
c)   Test data
d)   Closed sub test plans
e)   Include files to a test plan.
These are marked in red color.
  1. Open sub plan file marker: These text lines are marked in magenta color and thus providing info regarding relations to link sub test plans with the master plan.

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