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Thursday, November 22, 2012

What issues should be considered when deciding whether to automate a test? How to generate an automated test script?est Scripts, Scripts

Execution of the test sets lies at the center of any testing process. As the software system or application encounters changes, the defects are located by running both manual as well as automated tests in the project. Also, the quality of the tests is assessed by running the tests itself. 

Issues considered when deciding to go for automation?

- Deciding which all tests have to be automated is a part of the test planning process. 
- Two options namely manual and automated are available for the execution of the tests. 
- If you go with the manual execution of the tests, you can begin with the execution just after you finish defining the test steps. 
- If you go for automating the tests, the test scripts need to be generated and completed. 
- Below we state the issues that should be considered when deciding to go for automation:
  1. Do Automate: Only the tests which are data driven or which make use of multiple data values for the same operation, which run with every new version of the application as a measure to check its functionality i.e., regression testing, which are for stress testing i.e., run many times and tests that facilitate the checking of a server system or multi-user client system (load testing) must always be automated.
  2. Do not automate: The tests which are meant for a single execution, need to be executed immediately, check for the usability of the tests and whose result cannot be predicted should not be automated.

Steps for generating Automated Test Scripts

Below mentioned steps can be followed for the generation of the automated test scripts:
  1. First, click on the test plan tab in order to enable the display of the test plan module.
  2. Locate the manual test that you want to automate by selecting the subject folder available at the root of the test plan tree. There click on the find button and the find folder/ test dialog box will open up.
  3. Type the name of the test to be searched for in the ‘value to find’ field of the box. Check the ‘include tests’ check box so that the test director can be instructed to look for folders and tests. Finally click on find option. ‘Search results’ dialog box will pop up thus displaying all the possible matches. Click on go to button and the test will be highlighted in the test plan tree. Close this dialog box.
  4. Click on the design steps tab in order to display the design steps tab.
  5. For generating a test script click on the generate script button. You can choose either of the following options:
a) QUICKTEST_ TEST: For generating an astra quicktest test or quick test professional test.
b)   WR – AUTOMATED: For generating a winrunner test.
The above two options will be available if the corresponding add ins have been installed. Once the test has been automated, the manual test symbol ‘M’ will be replaced by automated test icon.
  1. For viewing the test script click on the test script lab. Click on the launch button for displaying and modifying the test script in the testing tool where it was created.
Whenever an automated test is run, the testing tool selected by the tester is opened by the test director automatically and the test is run on either the remote hosts or local machines. The tests can be run either from the execution flow tab or the execution grid tab.

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