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Saturday, November 17, 2012

How do you modify and convert requirements in Test Director?

There is no doubt in the fact that one kicks off a testing process by inputting the specification of the requirements employing the requirements module of the test director. Requirements are a necessity in the testing process. Also, the foundation on which a testing team carries out the testing process is laid down by the requirements itself. The definition of the requirements is represented in the form of what is called a requirements tree. This is actually a graphical representation of the requirements as stated in the document view with the only difference being of hierarchical display. 
The requirements can be grouped as well as sorted out in a requirements tree. The following tasks can also be carried out:
  1. Task allocation monitoring.
  2. Monitoring the progress of the requirements.
  3. Generation of the detailed graphs and reports.
Once the tests have been created in the test plan module they have to be linked to the corresponding requirements. 
Here in this article, we talk about the modification and conversion of the requirements in the test director. 
One can modify the requirements by following the below mentioned step sequence:
  1. First, make sure that the requirements module is available on display. If in case it is not you need to open it using the requirements tab. Both the requirements tree as well as the document view will be displayed.
  2. Your next step is to copy that particular requirement to which you want to make modifications from the requirements tree by clicking on the copy option. Next clicking on the paste option and you will get a warning saying that you are duplicating the requirement. Click OK and the requirement will be pasted in the same hierarchy level as that of the original requirement. Suffix _copy_ is added to the name of the requirement.
  3. Next step, is to rename the requirement by following the usual procedure for renaming an object.
  4. Next, move this requirement to a different location but in the same requirements tree. But the requirements should be pasted as child requirement. Click OK for confirmation and drag the requirement to any location you want in the requirements tree.
  5. For deleting this requirement as well its child requirement use the delete option.
Once all the requirements have been created and defined, they can be used as a basis for providing definition of the test plan tree module. The conversion to test wizards can be used to get assistance for designing the test plan tree. Using this wizard you can convert the selected requirements from the requirement tree in to subjects or tests for the test plan tree.

Steps for conversion of Requirements

Now the below mentioned steps can be followed for the conversion of the requirements:
  1. For the modification procedure make sure that the requirements is up for display and if it is not there do so by clicking on the requirements tab.
  2. From the various requirements in the requirements tree select the one which you want to be converted.
  3. Now launch the convert to tests wizard from the tool menu and from that click on ‘convert selected’ option.
  4. You can go for the automatic conversion method by taking second option i.e., ‘convert lowest child requirements to tests’ for the conversion of the selected requirements in to tests.
  5. Now clicking on the next button will start the conversion process and after the conversion the results will be displayed in the step 2 dialog box. 

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