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Monday, November 5, 2012

List out the advantages and limitations of Silk Test?

Silk test over the years has always been successful in delivering the test automation and that too in an agile development. 
It is considered by most of us that the quality management is just a discrete discipline when it comes to the agile projects, which is wrong. The fact is that the quality management forms an integral part of the code production process in agile projects. 

The rate of flexibility and change associated with the development of agile projects is increasing day by day and thus it is required that the testing should be made automated as and when and as much as possible. 
The traditional tools for test automation and management have very less capability for accommodating the required changes that are made to skills, processes, responsibility, and attitude and so on. 
Therefore, the whole software world is now shifting to the agile management practices. 
- Agile development goals at delivering the code at the end of the sprints which is ready for the production process. 
- There is no other go for the agile development projects except to undergo a rigorous testing routine in each and every sprint and to automate the testing. 
If it is not done, the agile projects are sure to fall short of quality. 
- With every iteration a customer value is delivered by the agile project. 
- More testing is permitted in test automation process. 
- This also aids in cutting down the costs of the software since the time lag between the introduction and identification of the defect is slashed. 
- There is a need to regularly check about the changes which lead to development of frequent builds involving the test automation runs. 
- The earlier the test automation runs are run the sooner the defects are identified. 
- Another advantage of silk test is that it supports continuous test automation. 
- Test automation results are what is demanded by the agile teams and that too on a per build basis. 
- Silk test makes sure about this and delivers the UI automation at the fastest play back speed possible. 
- The play back speed offered by the silk test is the fastest that is available in the current market. 
- This in turn has another advantage which is that it reduces the duration of testing which helps in submitting timely test results as required by the agile teams. 
- The saved time thus can be utilized for further testing activities. 
- Agile teams exhibit a strong and flexible collaboration among the testers and developers and thus the test-ability of the applications can be further improved up on. 
- Here, we should not miss out mentioning that the tool which provides the strongest support for custom UI properties in the industry is none other than the silk test automation tool. 
- Stable and reliable identifiers are required for the UI controls and this is also catered by the silk test automation tool. 
- Silk test is quite different from the other tools in the sense that it does not rely on a small subset of properties for identifying the objects. 
- Silk test provides very detailed test results thus minimizing the efforts that you will have to spend on the analyzation of the test failures. 
- The test failures related to the issues of test script synchronization are minimized by the reliable test execution of the silk test.

Limitations of SilkTest

  1. Recognition of some objects in some page is not possible due to some technical reasons.
  2. Some window frames may not be recognized.
  3. Frequent change in tag value is observed.
  4. Difficulty in activating some window is experienced.
  5. In some of the web applications and web pages the links are taken as simple text. 

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