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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Explore Test Director Window, Test Director Modules and elements?

The test director is a web based application and it provides well support to communication of a very high level. Further, it regulates collaboration between the testing teams which are widely distributed. Overall, it helps in driving a global application testing in a more effective and efficient manner. 
Being the global test management tool, it is also counted in the list of the industries’ best test management solution.

Features of Test Director

Test director comes with a whole lot of features to make software testing a better experience:
  1. Web based site administrator
  2. Domain management
  3. Collaboration module
  4. Advanced reports add – in
  5. Automatic trace-ability notification
  6. Hierarchical test sets
  7. Work flow for all modules of the test director
  8. User industry standard repositories
  9. Link test plan to requirements
  10. Integrates with MS office
  11. Manages automated and manual tests
  12. Accelerates testing cycles
  13. Supports test runs across boundaries
  14. Integrates with third party and internal tools
  15. Structured information sharing
  16. Easy defect reporting
  17. Customization reports
Here we shall about the following:
1. Test director window, 
2. Elements and 
3. Test director modules.

Test director helps in the following tasks:
  1. Organizing and managing all the phases of testing.
  2. Specifying the test requirements
  3. Planning tests
  4. Executing tests
  5. Tracking the defects and so on.
- The test director launched from one’s web browser by requesting the url of the test director. 
- When you enter this URL and press enter the test director window pops up.
- If you are running the test director, it will take some time to get downloaded in your system. 
- Whenever the test director is launched a version check is automatically carried out and the latest version is downloaded. 
- Once done with this, you will get a test director log-in window. 
- Now you select a domain among the list of domains provided by the test director or you can select default. 
- In the project list go for testdirector _ demo. 
- You need to log-in as a QA tester. 

Test Director Modules

- In the test director window click on the requirements tab. 
- This requirements tab represents the requirements module which enables you to define the test specifications which includes the following things:
  1. Defining purpose of testing
  2. Defining requirement topics
  3. Analyzation of the requirements
- Similarly, the test plan tab represents the test plan module which powers you to create a test plan based on the requirements specified above. This module facilitates the following tasks:
  1. Defining goals and strategies
  2. Dividing the plan into categories
  3. Development of  the tests
  4. Analyzation of the plan.
- With the test lab module the tests can be run on the software system or application and the result can be analyzed. The defects module you can carry out the following tasks:
  1. Add the defects
  2. Determination of the repair properties
  3. Repair of the open defects
  4. Analyzation of the data

Elements of Test Director

Now coming to the elements of the test director, there are some elements that are common to all the test director modules and these are:
  1. Test director tool bar
  2. Menu bar
  3. Module tool bar
  4. Tools button
  5. Help button
  6. Log out button
All of these elements can be found in the top level of the test director window. Module tool bar consists of the buttons for the commands that are frequently employed in the current module. 

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