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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to start with Test Director?

Application testing is not an easy task, rather it is a very complex process but made easy with the test director. With the test director it has been possible to organize as well as manage all of the phases of the test director testing process. You can also specify the requirements of the testing process, plan the tests, execute them and keep an eye on the defects and so on.

Test director actually forms an organized frame work for the testing of the software systems or application before they are put under deployment. A central data repository is needed for the organization and management of the application testing process since the test plans have a way of evolving with any changes in the existing requirements or the new requirements. 

The following are the processes where you get a plenty of guidance from the test director:
  1. Requirements specification
  2. Test planning
  3. Test execution
  4. Defect tracking etc.
Basically the application testing process via test director consists of the following four phases:
  1. Specifying requirements
  2. Planning tests
  3. Running tests
  4. Tracking defects
First phase involves:
  1. Define the testing scope
  2. Create requirements
  3. Detail requirements
  4. Analyze requirements specification
Second phase involves:
  1. Defining testing strategy
  2. Define test subjects
  3. Define tests
  4. Creating the requirements coverage
  5. Designing the test steps
  6. Automating the tests
  7. Analyzation of the test plan
3rd phase involves:
  1. Creating test sets
  2. Scheduling the test runs
  3. Running the tests
  4. Analyzation of the test results
4th phase involves:
  1. Adding the defects
  2. Reviewing the defects
  3. Repairing the open defects
  4. Testing new builds
  5. Analyzing the defect data

How to start with Test Director?

- To start with the test director you need to go to your web browser and enter the URL of the test director in the test director options window. 
- When you press enter you will get a test director window.  
- If in case you are having some problem with opening the test director you can check whether or not the test director has been installed of the web server of your company.
- If it’s the very first time that you are running the test director, you will have to wait for a while so that the test director downloads and installs itself on your system. 
- If it had been a long since you last ran the test director the test director will update your version with the latest version. 
- Next, you will get a test director log-in window from where you have to log-in as a quality assurance tester. 
- While logging in you will asked to enter the domain and project name. 
- When you will be logged in you will get a test director window comprising of the following test director modules:
  1. Requirements module
  2. Test plan module
  3. Test lab module
  4. Defects module
All of the above mentioned test director modules possess some common elements namely:
  1. Test director tool bar
  2. Menu bar
  3. Module tool bar
  4. Tools button
  5. Help button
  6. Log out button
- One can start off straightaway giving the specifications for testing requirements in the requirements module in detail so as to provide a foundation for the rest of the application testing process. 
- All these requirements will be stated in the form of a requirements tree i.e., in a graphical form. 
- Once specified, the requirements need to be linked to the tests. 
- If the defects are found they are also be linked to the requirements which are responsible for those defects. 

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