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Friday, November 23, 2012

How to run a test automatically in Test Director?

The whole testing process revolves around the execution of the tests. As the changes are introduced in to the software system or application, running tests either manually or automatically becomes mandatory so that the defects can be located and quality can be assessed. 

How are tests run?

- One starts the testing process with the creation of the tests and adding these tests to a test set. 
- Tests are grouped into test sets by the test director so that some specific goals can be achieved. 
- Execution process of the tests can be controlled via the various controls provided by the test director. 
- Along with these controls, there are certain conditions and settings which need to be configured for the execution of the tests as desired by the tester. 
- The date and time can also be scheduled when the tests will be executed. 
Once the tests have been defined the tester can begin with the execution of the tests. 
- Whenever the tests are executed manually, it is basically the test steps that were defined earlier during the test planning which are executed one by one. 
The steps are passed or failed by the tester depending up on whether there is a match between the expected results and the actual results. 
- For the automatic run of a test, the selected tool is directly opened by the test director and the test is run. 
- The result hence obtained is exported to the test director. 
- Setting conditions and specifying date and time for the execution of a test both can be done with the help of the execution flow tab.
- In the execution, one thing should be noticed which is that the condition is always dependent on the result of some other specified test in the same flow. 
Also, the sequence in which the tests are to be executed can be specified. 

In this article we shall see how the test execution can be automated. The tool selected for the execution of the tests is opened directly by the test director and the tests are run on either local or remote machine. It is either choice if you want to run all the tests or some specified ones. 

For running the tests automatically one of the following tools must be installed on the system:
a)   Astra quick test
b)   Quick test professional
c)   Winrunnner

Follow the below mentioned steps:
  1. Clicking on the test lab tab will display the test lab module. This is a must for the automation of the tests.
  2. The test set you want to execute automatically should be displayed in the execution grid. For doing this click on the execution grid tab and select the required test from the test sets tree.
  3. Select a test. For running the winrunner test select the required test or if you want to run an astra quick test or QTP test select the required one. Next clicking on the run button will open up the execution dialog box and the test will be displayed.
  4. Configure the test run settings and select the ‘run all tests locally’ option for running the tests on the local machine.
  5. For running the tests click on run tests and the tool will be opened automatically by the test director and the tests will be run. The execution progress can be viewed in the status column.
  6. Once the execution of the test is complete close the execution dialog box by clicking on the exit option.
  7. Also the summary of the test results can be viewed in the execution grid.

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