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Sunday, November 18, 2012

How to design and copy test cases in test director?

Application testing process is not the one that can be completed in a jiffy. It demands constant input in form of efforts, organization and maintenance. Well, all this becomes easy when you are assisted by mercury interactive’s test management tool.
Test director saves you a great deal of efforts for tasks such as requirements analysis, test planning, test execution, defect tracking etc. here in this article we are going to tell you how you can design as well as copy the test cases in test director. After the tests created for all the subjects have been added to the test plan tree and the basic test information has been defined, the test cases or the test steps are defined.
By defining them we mean that more details or step by step instructions are provided for how that particular test case is to be executed. Each step of a test case consists of two things namely:
1. Actions to be performed on the application under testing or AUT and
2. The expected results.

Test steps can be created either for manual tests or automated tests using test director. For manual testing it is said to be complete when you are done with the designing of the tests.
Then, the test execution can be straightaway be started by using the test plan tree. But in the case of the automated testing, an addition step is to create automated test scripts using any other mercury interactive tool such as Winrunner or some other third party tool.

Steps for designing test cases

Below mentioned are the steps that one can follow for designing a test case:
1. It has to be made sure that the test plan module is on display and if it is not click on the test plan tab to turn it on.
2. The test case for which you are about to design the test steps also needs to be displayed. You can do this by simply clicking on the name of that particular test.
3. Next you need to launch the design step editor by clicking on the ‘design steps lab’.
4. In the design step editor dialog box clicking on the new step button you will get a new step dialog box which will ask you enter a step name which is by default a sequential number.
5. Now for defining that step you require to fill up the following fields and click OK:
         a) Step name
         b) Description
         c) Expected result
6. Last step is to click OK which will close the design step editor and display the design steps.

How to copy the test cases?

In test director you get the option of copying the test cases either from the same project or from some other. Follow the below mentioned steps:
1. You need to turn on the design steps tab and select that particular test case from the test plan tree which you want to be copied.
2. Next step involves selecting the steps of the test cases which you want to be copied. You will observe a gray sidebar, position the mouse pointer there and you will see that the pointer changes to  ->. Now hold down the shift and select the steps you want to be copied.
3. By using the copy steps copy down all the selected steps.
4. Next paste the steps where you want them to be copied in the test plan tree by using the paste steps button in the design steps tab.

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