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Saturday, July 3, 2010

What is WinRunner and what are its important aspects ?

Mercury Interactive's WinRunner is a testing tool to do functional/regression testing. Using WinRunner, GUI operations can be recorded. While recording, WinRunner automatically creates a test script. This test script can be run automatically later on for carrying an unattended testing.
Important features of WinRunner are :
- Functional/Regression testing of a variety of application software written in programming languages such as PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, C/C++, and Java can be done.
- Testing of ERP/CRM software packages can also be carried using WinRunner.
- Testing in all flavors of Windows operating systems and different browser environments such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator can be done.
- GUI operations can be recorded in the record mode. WinRunner automatically creates a test script. This test can be modified if required and can be executed later on in unattended mode.
- Checkpoints can be added to compare actual and expected results. The checkpoints can be GUI checkpoints, bitmap checkpoints and web links.
- Facility for synchronization of test cases is provided.
- Data Driver Wizard provides the facility to convert a recorded test into a data driven test.
- Database checkpoints are used to verify data in a database during automated testing.
- The Virtual Object Wizard of WinRunner is used to teach WinRunner to recognize, record, and replay custom objects.
- The reporting tools provide the facility to generate automatically the test reports and analyze the defects.
- WinRunner can be integrated with the testing management tool TestDirector to automate many of the activities in the testing process.

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