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Sunday, July 4, 2010

What is Silk Test and what are its features?

Segue Software's SilkTest can be used for testing a variety of applications such as
- standalone Java, Visual Basic, and Win32 applications.
- PowerBuilder applications.
- Databases.
- Dynamic Linked Libraries (DLLs).
- Web Sites written in DHTML, HTML, XML, JavaScript, ActiveX, Applet, using Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.
- AS/400 and 3270/5250 applications.

Important Features of SilkTest

- To facilitate unattended testing, SilkTest has an in-built customizable recovery system. So, while automated testing is in progress, even if the application fails in between, automatically the test continues without halt.
- It has an object-oriented scripting language called 4Test; using the scripts written in 4Test, an application can be tested on different platforms.
- It can access the database and validation can be done.
- For test creation and customization, workflow elements are available.
- Test Planning, management and reporting can be done by integration with other tools of Segue Software.

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