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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Overview of SQA Robot and its features.

IBM Rational SQA Robot is a powerful functional/regression testing tool. SQA Robot is a part of the test suit that contains :
- SQA Manager, to manage testing processes.
- SQA Robot, for functional/regression testing of applications written in VB, Delphi, C++, Java etc, ERP packages as well as using Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as Visual Studio, Visual Age, JBuilder.
- Load Test, to test networking and web applications.
- SiteCheck, to check websites.
- PurifyPlus, to check code coverage for C and C++ and to analyze the performance of the code as well as to detect bottlenecks in the code.
SQA Robot can be used to record the test cases. SQA Robot automatically generates a test script which can be stored and executed. Test cases can be synchronized and also introduce GUI and database checkpoints.

Synchronization of Test Procedures

SQA Robot takes the delay time as 20 seconds i.e. it automatically waits for 20 seconds before executing the next statement in the test procedure. Hence, SQA Robot automatically implements the process of synchronization. Delay time can be changed manually. If the delay time is changed manually, SQA Robot waits for the specified time before executing the next statement. But it slows down the entire process of testing. If a particular action requires waiting for more than the default time, it is better to synchronize only that action rather than increasing the delay interval manually. This can be done by creating a "Positive Wait State" or "Negative Wait State".
When "Positive Wait State" is defined, SQA Robot waits until the selected region matches the area in the application that is tested. If a match occurs before the timeout time, the next statements will be executed, otherwise an error message will be displayed.
When "Negative Wait State" is defined, SQA Robot waits until the selected region
does not match the area in the application that is tested.

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