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Friday, July 30, 2010

High-level Best Practice Four(4) in Software Configuration Management

There are six general areas of SCM deployment, and some best practices within each of those areas. The first, second and third area and there practices are already discussed.

Change Propagation

Propagating file changes across branches needs to be managed. The practices involved with this work space are :
- Do not delay to propagate a change. When it’s feasible to propagate a change from one
branch to another (that is, if the change wouldn’t violate the target branch’s
policy), do it sooner rather than later.
- It is much easier to merge a change from a file that is close to the common
ancestor than it is to merge a change from a file that has diverged considerably.
This is because the change in the file that has diverged may be built upon
changes that are not being propagated, and those unwanted changes can
confound the merge process.
- Changes can be propagated by the owner of the target files, the person who make the original changes, or someone else.

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