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Saturday, July 17, 2010

What can be white box testing used for, tools used for white box testing.

White box testing (WBT) is also called Structural or Glass box testing. It deals with the internal logic and structure of the code. A software engineer can design test cases that exercise independent paths within a module or unit, exercise logical decisions on both their true and false side, execute loops at their boundaries and within their operational bounds and exercise internal data structures to ensure their validity. White Box testing can be used for :
- looking into the internal structures of a program.
- test the detailed design specifications prior to writing actual code using the static analysis techniques.
- organizing unit and integration test processes.
- testing the program source code using static analysis and dynamic analysis techniques.

Tools used for White Box testing:
- Provide run-time error and memory leak detection.
- Record the exact amount of time the application spends in any given block of code for the purpose of finding inefficient code bottlenecks.
- Pinpoint areas of the application that have and have not been executed.

The first step in white box testing is to comprehend and analyze available design documentation, source code, and other relevant development artifacts, so knowing what makes software secure is a fundamental requirement. Second, to create tests that exploit software, a tester must think like an attacker. Third, to perform testing effectively.

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