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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Test Scripting Language : 4Test used in SilkTest

SilkTest is Segue Software’s offering for automated functional testing. It supports the testing of client-server and browser-based applications, as well as standalone programs.
- In SilkTest, users modify automated test scripts using a proprietary, object-based programming language called 4Test.
- 4Test is an object oriented 4GL language and offers sufficient built in functionality to ease our life.
- SilkTest scripts can also directly access databases to execute SQL commands and perform verification of database content.

There are basically four classes to which the methods belong:
- AgentClass
- AynWin
- ClipboardClass
- CursorClass
Important Methods in test scripts are :
- Accept (): closes the dialog box and accepts values specified there.
- ClearText (): removes all text from text field.
- Click (): Clicks a mouse button on the push button.
- Close (): Closes the window.
- Close Windows (): Closes all windows of the application except main.
- Exit (): Terminates the application.
- GetActive (): Returns the active window in the application.
- GetCloseWindows (): Returns the windows that must close to return the application to base state.
- GetFocus (): Returns the control with the input focus.
- Invoke (): Invokes the application.
- SetActive (): Makes the window active.
- Wait (): Waits for the specified cursor and returns the value of elapsed time.
- VerifyActive (): Verifies that the window is active.
- Start (): Invokes the application and waits for the main window to appear.
- Size (): Resizes the window.

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