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Friday, July 16, 2010

QuickTest Professional : Phases of QuickTest Testing Process

Automated testing with QuickTest addresses these problems by dramatically
speeding up the testing process. The QuickTest testing process consists of 7 main phases:
Phase 1 :Preparing to record
Before you record a test, confirm that your application and QuickTest are set
to match the needs of your test. The application should display elements that you want to record.
Phase 2 :Recording a session on your application
QuickTest graphically displays each step you perform as a row in the Keyword View as you navigate through the application.
Phase 3 :Enhancing your test
- To test whether application is running correct, insert checkpoints that lets you search a specific value of page, object, or text string.
- Broadening the scope of your test, by replacing fixed values with parameters, lets you check how your application performs the same operations with multiple sets of data.
- Adding logic and conditional or loop statements enables you to add sophisticated checks to your test.
Phase 4: Debugging your test
Test is debugged to ensure that it is operating smoothly.
Phase 5: Running your test
Test is run to check the behavior of the application or website. QuickTest opens the application, or connects to the Web site, and performs each step in your test.
Phase 6: Analyzing the test results
Test results are examined to pinpoint defects in your application.
Phase 7: Reporting defects
Defects recovered can be reported to a database if the Quality Center is installed.

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