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Monday, May 28, 2012

Who benefits from extreme programming and how?

Extreme programming has been benefitting almost every one since its advent! Here in this article we are going to see who is benefited most from the extreme programming.
It enables the users to give sufficient feedback so that it can be further improved up on. It gets the whole team sticking around the project at hand and regulates effective development of the software. 

In extreme programming, whoever contributes in the development is considered to be an integral part of the whole team. The customer is considered to be the business representative here. The business representative is supposed to sit with the tem in their working hours and work along with them.
Very simple practices like planning and tracking are used to make decisions on what should be done in the next iteration and when it will be complete. The team is driven by the business values and the software is released in a series of small fully integrated releases only when they have passed some customer defined tests.
In extreme programming, the code is obsessively tested by the extreme programmers and developers who work together in pairs making an effort to continually improve the design satisfying the current development conditions. 
With extreme programming, the entire system can be kept in an integrated and running condition. The whole of the production code is written in pairs and worked up on together. The code is written in such a way that every one is able to easily grab the logic that has been implemented. 

Core Practices in Extreme Programming

The below mentioned are the core practices involved in extreme programming:
      1.   Whole team
      2.   Planning game
      3.   Small releases
      4.   Customer tests
      5.   Simple design
      6.   Pair programming
      7.   Test driven development
      8.   Design improvement
      9.   Continuous integration
     10.  Collective code ownership
     11.  Coding standard
     12.  Metaphor
     13.  Sustainable pace

Who all are benefited from extreme programming?

- By looking at these core practices one can easily see that the extreme programming takes care of all the aspects of the programming as well as of all the stake holders who are involved in the development process. 
- With the extreme programming the developers and the customers are able to see the exact picture of the software system or application and its work flow. 
- All the team members of an extreme programming team sit together and work up on the problem. 
It is beneficial for the whole development process to have a customer who is a real end user. 
- The main purpose of the customers is to define the customer acceptance tests which are then used to define the requirements and specifications of the system or application. 
- On the other hand the manager is considered to be responsible for the management of the external communication and the coordinating activities. 
- The contribution of every team member of the extreme programming team is unique in its own way and is the best that can be provided. 
- As such it is not necessary that only individuals with expert skills! But whatever they contribute is something special out of their abilities and skills. 

Two questions are taken care of in the extreme programming as mentioned below:
      1. What will be accomplished at the end of the due date of the software project?
      2. What is to be done in the next iteration?

These two questions are addressed by the following two activities:
      1. Release planning and
      2. Iteration planning

Above all,  the one that is benefited the most is the customer and after this comes the number of other stake holders. 

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