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Monday, May 28, 2012

What are strengths and weaknesses of Extreme Programming - XP?

The extreme programming is bound with some strengths and weaknesses that we are going to discuss in this article. Extreme programming was brought in to use during the era of nineteen’s. At that time it came to be recognized as one of the best agile software development practices and still holds the same reputation despite arguable views of its many critics.
Many different scale companies like small scale companies and large scale companies have been benefited by the use of this agile methodology i.e., the extreme programming. Over the years the extreme programming has guaranteed the customer satisfaction and has proved itself also. The software were delivered exactly they were required to be.

Benefits & Advantages of Extreme Programming

- The developers and programmers as well as the customers are empowered by the extreme programming so that everyone can confidently play up its part no matter at what stage the development process is. 
- The extreme programming has been well known for the spirit of team work it inculcates in the development environment. 
- Extreme programming as we know is an agile software development process based up on the releasing the software product frequently with every iteration of the development cycle. 
- Many other techniques like time boxing are also incorporated with the extreme programming to together make up a very efficient software development process.
- The extreme programming contributes greatly in the improvement of the productivity of the software.
- It also contributes in the introduction of the check points that facilitate the incorporation of the changes or modifications in the requirements at all the phases of the development. 
Customer is given a lot of empowerment in extreme programming. 
- This is so because it lies in the discipline of the extreme programming to maintain frequent and most possible effective communication with the customer. 
- Extreme programming as the term itself suggests that the process involves the beneficial elements operating at their extreme level.

All these positive points of the extreme programming are its strength. All these plus points make the extreme programming popular among its users.

Weaknesses & Drawbacks of Extreme Programming

Now let us discuss some of the weaknesses of the extreme programming since every process has some pros and cons. Critics have pointed out many potential drawbacks such as:
     1. Unstable requirements
     2. The user conflicts are not documented
     3. Extreme programming lacks an overall design specification

- The extreme programming has always been under arguments due to the above mentioned weak points.
- It has been claimed by the critics of the extreme programming that having a customer aboard can be a source of stress to some developers and programmers.
- Some have also mentioned this as a factor that can lead to micro management i.e., the whole development process will be governed by the customer who literally does not have any proper technical knowledge.
- In some cases, the requirements are expressed as automated acceptance tests instead of being expressed as specification documents. 
- In such cases, the retrieving of the requirements takes place through incremental.
- Some even believe that the extreme programming is meant for the senior developers only and that the developers with less experience or less knowledge cannot handle it.
- The lack of the detailed requirements documentation can sometimes lead to what is called the scope creep.  

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