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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What are common mistakes and misunderstandings in a unified process?

As it is always said “to err is human”, one may make innumerable mistakes. This truth holds good for every aspect of our lives and so for the technology also. While programming, it is obvious that some mistakes will be made but they are not intended, some mistakes might creep in without the knowledge of the programmer; other mistakes might arise due to a lack of knowledge of the programmers and the developers! 
Anything is possible. With so much complex and advanced software systems and applications to build around it is obvious for the programmers and the developers to make mistakes while programming the software because it is not the feature of human intelligence to keep of check of each and every bit of the program that is being built.

Well, this article has been focused up on the mistakes and misunderstandings that result in mistakes in a unified process. Such mistakes and misunderstandings in a development can cause severe problems in the whole development process causing further problems in the software system or application that is being built. 

What are common mistakes in unified process?

There are various mistakes that one can make while programming using the unified process. 
- The very common mistake that is done is that the complex problems might be made more complex due to lack of sufficient understanding of the methodologies that are available for programming or may be because wrong or inappropriate methodologies might have been put in to use. 
- The problem that occurs here is for adopting any software development process different people assume different values and hence it is like using a single software development process for every programmer or developer.
- For getting the appropriate solutions to the programming problems it is not necessary that the programs should be developed with the extreme agile or test driven development methodologies. See this is where the people make mistakes!
- When a software system or application can be developed using the simplest of the methodologies available then why go for the complex and the tough ones? 
- Even though the agile processes and the unified software development processes are a big step towards the advancement of the software development, it is not always that they can be extended for all sorts of softwares and applications.
- The best way to avoid much of the problems is to train the programmers and developers in information protection. It does not require months and weeks to learn about common software security mistakes and misunderstandings. 

Examples of Common Mistakes

- Suppose that during programming a file was not locked properly and there are two parts of the programs that access the same file without properly locking it. 
- Such a case can result in a race condition between the two programs that can make the file quite unstable or in a vulnerable condition. 
- Another mistake can be logging in trying many passwords in just few seconds without giving the system a proper time to check. 
- The spirit of a programmer should be as such that even if he/ she has not made the mistakes he/she should take the responsibility to correct them before they cause more harm to the software system or application. 
- The longer the time is spent on writing the programs the more you avoid the mistakes. 

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