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Sunday, May 27, 2012

State the values that underlie the attitude and practices of a healthy XP project?

The date of 6th March, 1996 saw the first use of the extreme programming or XP as it is commonly known as for the development of a software project. Eventually, it gained so much of popularity that no one ever had thought of despite its so many critics. It came to be known as one of the best agile software development practices. 
But what was the reason behind its popularity?
The credit of the popularity of extreme programming among the software developers is given to the values underlying the attitude of the extreme programming. Therefore this article is dedicated to the values that underlie the attitude and practices of a healthy XP project.

Values that underline the attitude & practices of XP

Value # 1:
- The extreme programming has its way of handling projects of all sizes i.e., whether large or small or medium. 

Value # 2:
- The first value that underlies the attitude and practices of a healthy XP project is that it takes care of the customer satisfaction.
- The extreme programming has been able to deliver the product exactly as the customer wants since years.
The extreme programming has proved itself when it comes to empowering the programmers and developers to easily catch up with the requirements of the customers which are always changing even in the later phases of the software development life cycle or SDLC.

Value # 3:
Another positive aspect of the extreme programming is that it emphasizes team work. 
- It provides equality to all the team members i.e., managers, developers, programmers and so on. 
It regulates the collaboration among the team.
- With the extreme programming a simple yet effective environment is created for the development of the project which does not just accelerate the rate of development but also increases the productivity of the whole team.
- The teams are thus imparted the quality of self organization.
- A constant communication is maintained among the team members and their fellow customers. 
- There are 5 ways in which a project is affected by the extreme programming for the good:
  1. Communication
  2. Simplicity
  3. Feedback
  4. Courage and
  5. Respect
Value # 4:
Since the very beginning of the development process, the design is tested and continuous feedback is obtained. 
- This facilitates the early delivery of the software product to the customer with the desired changes incorporated in to it. 

Value # 5:
- The success of the project depends largely up on the individual contributions of the team members which also deepen their respect for each other.
- This enables the extreme programming team to respond with courage to the changing requirements.

More About These Rules

- These rules may appear to be naive for the first time to someone but they are quite effective and sound. 
- During the course of the development of the project one will eventually realize that these values or rules define the goal of the whole process. 
- These rules can be changed to some extent according to the requirements of the organization.
- The customers enjoy the privilege of being a part of the development process and the developers and programmers contribute to their fullest even if they are not so experienced. 
- The communications and the relationships are managed by the managers. 

All the above mentioned 5 values maintain the discipline of the extreme programming and keep the whole team together. 
With the extreme programming the whole system can be kept under a running condition and integrated. The code is written by the programmers in pair (pair programming) and the code is written in such a way that everybody is able to understand it and suggest for making improvements to it. 

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