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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How does penetration testing tool emphasize on web application security?

In this internet savvy world, web applications have become an important part of web utilization. Web applications provide a means to utilize or exploit the services offered by the web in a more meaningful manner. 
The earlier years saw less use of web applications, but now it is reaching new heights day by day with a great demand for improving the existing ones along with the introduction of new ones. With such a vast number of users, the application needs to maintain its security from the malicious attackers among these users and so adequate security measures have to be taken.
For this purpose, it is required that the security mechanism of the applications to be checked thoroughly for any vulnerabilities and security leaks via the penetration testing. Penetration testing is perhaps the best testing methodology when it comes to the testing the security different software system components like network security, data base security etc. 
There should be some testing methodology that could dig out all the potential vulnerabilities. Is there an answer? Yes there certainly is! The penetration testing! Perhaps many of us are familiar with this testing methodology. In this piece of writing we have discussed how the penetration testing tools emphasize up on the web application security. 

About Penetration Testing and its emphasis on Web Application Security

- Penetration testing is yet another testing methodology that has been adopted for testing the security of the  web applications against the malicious attacks.
- It provides a way to evaluate the security level of the web application by troubling the application with false simulated attacks as malicious attacks from the outside as well as inside attackers. 
- It also deals with the aliens, foreigners or outside attackers who do not have any authorized access to the computer system or network and inside attackers who do have that access.
- An active analysis is required to be carried out for the penetration testing which carries out an assessment of all the potential vulnerabilities of the web application that are merely a consequence of its poor security level as well as configuration level. 
- Apart from this the known and unknown flaws form both the hardware as well as software components of the application contribute to these vulnerabilities rather than only operational weaknesses.
- A proper active analysis is achieved only if it is carried out from the view point of a malicious attacker and involves the active exploitation of the recognized vulnerabilities.
- The web application security depends up on the effectiveness of the testing.
- The testing in turn is largely affected by the effectiveness of the tools that are employed in the testing.
- The tools indeed affect the web application security, since if the tools are reliable and efficient in searching for the vulnerabilities, obviously there will be more stringent checking of the security mechanisms. 
- The identification and recognition of the vulnerabilities is always the first step in penetration testing.
- A required number of penetration tests are then carried out on that particular system with the coupling of information with the active assessment of the risks associated with the computer system or network using the penetration testing tools. 
- A whole lot of effective tools are designed to reduce the affect of the identified potential vulnerabilities. 
Penetration testing tools have been recognized as important component of the web application security audits. 

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