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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

TestLink is a Free, open source test case management tool? - Explain?

Testlink is a free open source test case management tool! It means that it can be freely redistributed and accessed. These kind of open source tools have been invented so to support the new environment created by the issues like:

                                            1.  Licensing
                            2.  Copyright
3                          3. Domain issues
4                          4.  Consumer issues

Concepts of Open Source Models

 -The open source models employ the concept of different agendas but concurrent with different approaches in  production. 
      - The whole open source concept works on the principle of the peer production.
      - Peer production means collaborating and bartering with the end documentation, source material, blue prints and product which are available for free to the public.
    - The source code of the testlink is made publicly available and the public is given full right for modifying, copying and redistributing it at no cost. 
   - It has evolved through the community operation which is comprised of many individual software programmers from large companies. 


What purposes are facilitated by Test Link?

       Testlink is an open source test management tool and provides the facilitation for purposes like:
1                                          1. Test specification
                                            2. Test planning
                                            3. Test reporting
                                            4. Tracking of the requirements
                                            5. Collaborating with the well known bug trackers

 Features of TestLink

      1.  Set urgent tests
            2.  Custom.css
            3.  Gives an option for creating new test cases and requirements.
            4.   Offers the possibility to do a quick DIFF of the 2 test case versions.
            5.   Fully supports the internet explorer 9 via ExtJS 3.4.0.
            6.  Direct links to each and every requirement can be generated.
            7.  Table ruler
            8.  The requirement versions are well supported by the internal links.
            9.  After editing the requirements and specifications, the tree can be refreshed.
          10.  The states of the tree can be stored and restored in a very reliable way.
          11.  Test result matrix facilitates the filtering by status.
          12.  Requirement revisioning.
          13.  Test case and new requirement comparison method.
          14.  PHPMAILER
          15.  Collapse and expand buttons for trees
          16.  Log messages for the history of the requirements.
          17.  MSSQL support
          18.  IE8 based event viewer
          19.  Query metrics
          20.  Improved minor usability
          21.  Improved tables via EXT- JS
          22.  Improved filters
    23. At the build level, test case execution assignment has been provided.

In spite of all such great features, currently there are two features lurking out:

               1. The debug messages interfere with the working of the reports.
               2. There are troubles going on with the updating of the test case executions. 

Benefits of TestLink


      1. Using the testlink, one can easily integrate one’s test scripts to get the results. 
     2. It is a test management tool that is completely independent and is very effective in managing testing cycle    in a short period of time. 
     3. It helps in cutting down the management, development and maintenance cost of your project, thus making the whole project quite affordable and feasible for you.
     4. It helps in simplifying and accelerating the whole testing process and reporting by:
                 -  Collecting and organizing all of your test cases in a dynamic way.
                 -  Tracking the metrics and the results in association with the test execution.
                 -  Capturing and reporting the details.
                 -  Customizing itself to fit your processes and requirements.
5. It overall assists you in conducting an efficient and thorough testing process and makes best use of the experience it has achieved over 100s of implementations for the clients around the world. 
6. The redistribution of this tool is governed by the GNU general public license.

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