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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Explain Test case, Test Script, Test Environment, Test Procedure and Test Log?

There are several terms related to software testing like test cases, test scripts, test environment, test procedures, test logs and the list goes on. So many terms make the whole concept of testing go topsy turvy inside our brains. 

What is a Test Case?

- A test case can be thought of as a case or a set of conditions that when executed or implemented will determine whether the aspect of the software system or application under the test is working properly or not. 
- Usually formal test cases are used for any type of software testing. 
- One positive test case and one negative test case should be used for testing a requirement of the software system. 
- Informal test cases are best suited for the applications having informal requirements. 

What is a Test Script?

- A test script as the term suggests is instructional script that is implemented on the software system or application to be tested. 
- This is done so that the system functionality are tested as expected. 
- Test scripts can be executed either manually or through automated process. 

What is a Test Environment?

- For a testing to be carried out, the tester needs to set up the right environment for the test i.e., the right set up of the hardware and software requirements using which the software testing is to be performed. 
- Two types of set up namely physical set up (hardware requirements) and logical set up (server operating system, data base server, client operating system, browser, front end running environment and IIS etc.) together constitute a proper testing environment. 
- While setting up the perfect test environment, the tester needs to keep in mind, all the requirements and specifications of the software system or application. 

What is a Test Procedure?

- Like a normal procedure for a task tells us what all steps to follow and how to follow to successfully complete the task, the test procedure also does the same.
- It lays out all the formal specifications of the test cases to be executed up on the software system. - The executability of a test procedure is one of its fundamental properties.
- A good test procedure is always executable. 
- The test procedure is implemented on its target via a process called “verifier” and a report is obtained regarding the passing status of all the executed test cases.
- Other characteristics of a good test procedure are:
1. Completeness
2. Self containment
3. Self validation and
4. Automatic execution
- Test procedures are used in every phase of the software testing right form the first phase to the last phase of regression testing.
- A specially coded language called “TPL (test procedure language)”  has been designed for writing the  test procedures. 
- The test procedure like test cases is also documented and all the instructions for the set up and execution of the test procedure as well the evaluation of its outcomes is stated in this documentation. 
- The documentation of a test procedure can be thought of as a set of associated instructions which are used in the identification of the actions in a particular sequence during a test case execution. 

What is a Test Log?

- It is defined as a record of the passing status (pass or fail) of all the test cases executed during a particular software testing. 

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