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Sunday, July 8, 2012

What types of documents one need for QA, QC, and Software Testing?

For every process, some documents are vital and in this article we have discussed about the type of documents required in the below mentioned three processes:
       1. QA or quality assurance
       2. QC or quality control and
       3. Software testing

First let us see what are these three processes? 

Quality Assurance

"Quality assurance is a process that involves implementation of planned and systematic activities in a quality software system or application so that all the quality requirements of the software system or application under question are met". 

It has also got the following attributions:
  1. Systematic measurement
  2. Comparison with a standard
  3. Monitoring of processes
  4. Associated feedback loop
  5. Error prevention
This whole process deals with two principles:
  1. Fit for purpose and
  2. Right first time

Quality Control Process

- It is a process involving a wholesome review of the quality of all the factors that have direct as well as indirect involvement in the production of the software or application. 
- This process is one of the best practices that are used for inspection of the software systems as well as applications. 
- The software products and artifacts are put through a visual examination.
- The developers or testers who are to examine the software system or application are provided with a list containing the description of the unacceptable software defects.
- The products and artifacts are visually tested and the defects are dug out and are reported to the management who are responsible for taking the action against software product release.
This process plays a great role in the stabilization of the software production process.

Software Testing

- Software testing is a self justifying term and is just like an investigation seeking out defects and flaws in software systems and applications. 
- All the stake holders get to know about the quality of the software system or application under test.
- Tools here used are nothing but normal testing techniques that are intended to dig out the bugs and errors. 
- This process verifies:
  1. Meets the requirements as stated in its documentation.
  2. Works in the desired way.
  3. Whether its implementation with same characteristics is possible or not.
  4. Satisfaction of the stake holders.
Now let us mention what all documents are required for all the above discussed three processes:
  1. First main document is the software requirements specifications document.
  2. Use  cases document
  3. Solution document
  4. Software design documents
  5. Test plan document: this document should contained detail description of the following:
(a)  Scope of the functionality the test case will test.
(b)  Expected outcome
(c)  Technique used
  1. Test cases documentation containing procedure as well as the obtained results.
  2. Business requirements documents
  3. Functional specifications documents
  4. Project member details documents containing information about the team members including testers, test lead, pm etc.
  5. Software testing schedule document.
  6. Traceability matrix: this document is used to check whether or not the test cases match with the requirements stated in the SRS.
  7. Documents which are specific to a particular organization for quality control.
  8. Discovery documents (only for quality control): this document states the business needs.
  9. Test reports
  10. Bug reports: this report includes all the missing, additional, wrong deviations in the functionalities or features of the software system or application.
  11.  Release report: obtained at the end of testing.
  12. Test scenarios
  13. Test case templates
  14. Test case form
  15. Logs
  16. Weekly status reports
  17. Test scripts
  18. Resolution
  19. Test bed
Business requirements specification (BRS) and software requirements specification (SRS) are a must for the quality assurance and quality control processes. 

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