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Monday, July 16, 2012

What are the types of web testing security problems?

Web testing is much in demand these days since the use of web sites and web applications are increasing by huge margins day by day. As the cyber crimes are increasing, web sites and web applications call for more security settings which in turn plunge in to the web testing schedule as the web testing security problems.

"Web testing is a kind of software testing that focuses on web sites and web applications. The security issues of the web sites and web applications are addressed by another type of web testing called web security testing". 

The testing of the web sites and web applications for security vulnerabilities is quite and exciting concept. Though the matter is quite exciting, it needs to be taken seriously. The best method to combat with the known web testing security problems can be to be prepared in advance and having knowledge of what is to be checked for.

In this article we are going to take up some of the most common security aspects that can pose problems in web testing. They are mentioned below:
  1. Server problems: These are the most common security problem. It happens many a times that the server is down for maintenance or some other reason.
  2. Hardware problems
  3. Data base problems: Any problems in the data base of the web site or web application gives rise to many of the security problems. Any problem and uncertainty in the data base can prove to be a danger to the overall security of the web site or web application.
  4. Navigation from one page to another: Too much of navigation from one page to another endangers the security of the web site or web application which in turn acts as a hindrance in the web testing of that particular web site or web application.
  5. Server security: A server houses a web site or web application data base; therefore it is obvious that the security of the web site or the application relates a lot to the security of the server. Maintaining the security of the web server is quite an important point which otherwise could introduce many of the security problems during the web testing.
  6. Authentication issue
  7. Data encryption
  8. User privileges leaks
  9. SQL injection
  10. Cross side scripting
  11. Cookie testing
  12. The content on a web site that proves to be inaccessible or incorrect can also pose security problems during web testing.
  13. Improper validation of the input can disturb the working mechanism of the web site or web application.
  14. Link testing is an important aspect of web testing. Broken links can hamper the security of the web site or application and thus poses problems in web testing security.
  15. Incorrect copyright information.
  16. Incorrect EULA or end user license agreement.
  17. Un-optimized images that do not meet the specifications.
  18. Improper storage of the data obtained through the web pages.
  19. Time taken by the pages to render.
  20. Lag in performance with many simultaneous users.
  21. Concurrency issues like when a user is working on multiple windows of the same page or there are multiple users on the same page.
  22. Improper and inefficient tracking of the transactions by the server log.
  23. Improper usage of SSL by the web site or web application.
  24. Inefficient working of the feeds.
  25. Inefficient working of the cookies.
Web testing is absolutely essential if you want make sure that your web site or web application has enough browser support and the HTML is valid. 

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