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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What are virtual users? For what purpose are virtual users created?

For the software developers it is quite frustrating to see their software systems and applications crashing soon after installing them. 
What impression such a failure of the software system or application will have on the user or the customer!
It is obvious that the customers and the users may think that the software product has not been through sufficient testing before the software product was released to them. 
It has become a standard in the world of software engineering that any organization developing a software system or application must follow a defined standard procedure for testing that software product in order to ensure its reliability as well as quality before it is shipped to the users or customers. This whole testing process is of the quality assurance. 

For every software product there might be a 100 ways in which it may be used by the user. Therefore, the software system or application must be checked in all these possible ways for the verification of whether or not the software product is working fine.
There are a number ways using which a software testing process can be made more effective then it is actually. 
- One of such ways is use of automated testing tool in which suites of tests as well as specific tests can be set up and can be run by the computer. 
- Number of hours of drudgery are reduced by a huge margin as well as time and money. 
- The saved energy and time can be re-focused upon the tasks that call for more human interaction. 
- This whole process makes the software product very much reliable.
- It is always a good idea to verify the quality of the software artifact before it is shipped out. 

One of the automated testing tools is the virtual user than can help in this regard. In this article we talk about virtual user and with what purpose this tool has been created. 

What is a Virtual User and Purpose of Virtual User?

- Virtual user in abbreviated form is known as VU and is a kind of tool that helps a computer in emulating a human user i.e., it helps in performing actions like typing of words, commands and clicking of mouse and so on. 
- The computer on which the virtual user is installed actually acts as a host and takes the control of the other under itself just as a human tester would do. 
- One of the targeted computer systems is asked to act as an agent and receive instructions from the host computer. 
- The environment of a virtual user is constituted by an application whose work is to compile and run the scripts. 
- The scripts of the virtual user cannot be edited in common editors rather it has to be edited in editors like MPW or BBEDIT. 
- Through the virtual user, all the computers are linked over a network. 
- The minimum requirements of the virtual user are:
  1. Virtual user software package and
  2. 2 systems one as host and the other one as target.
- Today many firms have launched their virtual user software packages. 
- Though the virtual user sounds like it’s a very good automating tool but it has got many drawbacks :

  • It cannot tell you when something looks right on the test screen or it cannot tell you how a particular icon looks or what position it is at. 
  • The biggest draw back is that the virtual user has got no intelligence of its own and if by chance a crash occurs in the machine, virtual user will keep trying to run the script regardless of the crash.  

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