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Friday, July 6, 2012

What skills needed to be a good software test automator?

If you have studied the history of the test automation process you might have observed that there have been so many failures which have now become the lessons for the entire testing community. Because of the lessons learnt it was decided, that the scripts that will have to be developed must be reusable. 
In order make most of any testing methodology, it is required that it must be made manageable as well as reusable. 
There are certain things that a tester should keep in mind to be a good tester:
  1. Test automation is not a sideline but rather a full time effort.
  2. Test frame work and test design should be treated as separate individual entities an not as the same one.
  3. The test frame work should be independent of the software system or application that is under testing.
  4. It should be easy to expand, perpetuate and maintain the test frame work.
  5. The test design as well as the test strategy should be independent of the frame work.
  6. The test strategy should be so effective that is should be capable of removing the complexities related to the test frame work from the testers.

Skills needed to be a good software test automator

In this article we have focussed up on the skills that are needed to be a good software test automator. Some other skills are:
  1. Good logic for programming code of the scripts.
  2. The automator must have good analytical skills.
  3. The automator must have adequate knowledge about the testing tools that are to be used in the automation process.
  4. He/ she should have the habit if thinking out of the box.
  5. Critical in nature
  6. A good automator can think well from the user’s point of view.
  7. A good automator keeps an eye on the details of the test automation process.
  8. The knowledge about domain is a must.
  9. Good judgement skills.
  10. Good code writing skills.

Qualities of a good Test Automator

- A good test automator is the one who implements a test strategy that supports development of the intuitive tests and can be executed both via automated tests and manually.
- The test strategy that a good test automator uses will allow the tests to highlight the steps to be performed.
- A good test automator develops a frame work to harness the benefits form the implementation of the key word drive testing scripts and tradition testing scripts. 
- A good automator implements a test automation frame work in such a way that it is completely independent of the software application that is under question. 
- A good automator fully documents and publishes the test automation frame work.
- One thing that should always be kept in mind is that the testers are only testers and not programmers. 
- Good testers and automators are those who have both the testing as well as programming skills. 
- Most of the testers are domain experts only having zero or very little technical skills that are an immediate requirement for the software testing. 
- Many testers also have a habit of splitting the time between testing and development phases and so they do not require to learn a complex scripting language. 

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