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Saturday, July 21, 2012

What is meant by DNS? What does it contain?

DNS or domain name system is a well known distributed system which is quite hierarchical in nature and is used for the following:
  1. Computers
  2. Services
  3. Resources that are connected to some private network or internet and so on.

What does DNS contain?

- With the aid of DNS, the domain names with various participating entities contains various information. 
- A domain name system is also known as domain name service and has taken up the responsibility of resolving the queries for the above discussed domain names into the corresponding IP addresses. 
- The basic purpose of this whole process is spotting the location of devices and computer services on the World Wide Web.
- The domain name system had lately become quite an essential part of the functionality of the internet because of the world wide service it provides regarding the distributed key word based redirection. 
- To put it simply it acts as a phone book in disguise for the internet. 
- It serves as a phone book in the way that it translates the human friendly computer host names in to their corresponding IP addresses. 
For example,
The domain name: www. Abc. Com translates in to the following IP address (say): 192. 0 . 34 . 11 (IPv4) and 2630 : 0 : 2c0 : 201 : : 10 (IPv6) etc.

- Though DNS serves all the purposes of an ideal phone book in terms of the internet, it differs from the phone book in one respect which is that the DNS can be frequently updated and these updates in turn can be distributed but in phone book these tasks cannot be performed so.
- With the help of such a process the location of a particular service on a network can be easily changed without having any affect on the end users who keep on continuing with the same host name. 
-This advantage is further reaped by the users while they recite the meaningful e- mail addresses as well as the URLs (uniform resource locators) without even knowing the way via which the services are actually located by the computers. 
With the help of domain name system, each and every domain in the network is assigned with an appropriate domain name and this domain name is mapped to corresponding IP addresses through the designation of the authoritative name servers for each and every domain. 
- These authoritative name servers hold the responsibility of their particular domains and also it helps in assigning the sub domains with their respective authoritative name servers.
- Such a mechanism has helped a lot in making the domain name system quite fault tolerant and distributed. 
- This mechanism in another way has eliminated the requirement of a single central register to be used continually for updating and consultation. 
- There is one more additional feature of the domain name system which is that the responsibility of the updating and maintenance of the master record of the domains is distributed among many domain name registrars.
- These domain name registrars are known for their competition for the domain owner’s and end user’s business. 
- The facility of moving the domains from one registrar to another has been very well provided in the domain name system.
- The technical functionality of the data base service as well as the DNS specification is also specified by the domain name system.
- This DNS protocol is a kind of detailed specification of the communication exchanges and data structures that are used in the domain name system which in turn forms a very important part of the whole internet protocol suite. 

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