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Friday, July 27, 2012

What are different characteristics of agile planning?

Two critical areas in software engineering are:
1. Estimating
2. Planning.
They are difficult and error-prone. These activities cannot be avoided.

The purpose of planning is to find an optimal answer to the overall product development question of what to build. The answer incorporates features, resources and schedule. It is supported by a planning process that reduces risk, uncertainty, supports reliable decision making, establishes trust and conveys information.

Planning is an ongoing iterative approach. It is an effort to find an optimal solution to the overall product development question of "what should we build?"

A good planning process supports:
1. Reducing Risk
2. Reducing Uncertainty
3. Supporting better decision making
4. Establishing trust
5. Conveying Information

A good plan is one that is sufficiently reliable that it can be used as the basis for making decisions about the product and project.

What is Agile Planning?

- It is more focused on planning than the creation of plan.
- It encourages change, results in plans that are easily changed.
- It shifts the focus from plan to planning.
- It balances the effort and investment in planning with the knowledge that we will revise the plan throughout the project.
- As the user needs are discovered, our plans are affected and hence changes become necessary.
- Plan are needed that are easily changed. Therefore, planning becomes more important that the plan.
- Changing plan does not mean a change in date.
- Plan can be changed without changing the date by:
            1. dropping a feature.
            2. reducing scope of feature.
            3. adding more people in the project.
- Agile planning is spread more or less evenly across the duration of a project.

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