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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What is software engineering practice? What are seven principles focussing on software engineering practice?

Practice is an array of concepts, principles, methods and tools that should be considered while software is planned and developed. The software process provides everyone involved in the creation of computer based system with a road map to reach the destination. Practice provides you with the detail that is needed to drive along the road. It helps you to understand the concepts and principles that must be understood and followed to drive safely and rapidly. Practice encompasses the technical activities that produce all work products that are defined by the software process model that has been chosen. Three elements of practice that are chosen are: concepts, principles and methods.

According to David Hooker, there are seven core principles that focus on software engineering practice:
- All the decisions should be made keeping in mind that one reason for the existence of a software system is to provide value to the all of its users.
- To have a more easily understood and maintained system, the design should be as simple as possible as one should keep in mind that software design is not a sloppy process. Keep in mind that simple does not mean 'quick and dirty'.
- For a software project to begin and end successfully, a clear vision is very necessary without which the software system weakens.
- The software system should be specified, designed and implemented in a manner that someone else will have to understand what you are doing.
- Software systems must be ready to adapt the changes in specifications and hardware platforms. One should not design the software system into a corner.
- The hardest goal while developing a software system is the ability to reuse it. Reuse can save time and effort. Forethought and planning is very important to realize reuse at entry level of the system development process.
- A clear, complete thought before action almost always produces better results.

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