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Sunday, July 17, 2011

What are different elements of the analysis model?

Analysis model provides description of required information, functional and behavioral domains of computer based systems. There is a set of generic elements that is common to most analysis models:

- Scenario based elements are the first part of the analysis model that is developed. They serve as input for creation of other modeling elements. In another method for scenario based modeling, if we use functions or activities that would have been defined when the requirements elicitation was being done. These functions are a part of the processing context. When you have the analysis model, you would have defined a sequence of activities and these activities in turn describe the processing within a limited context. As stated earlier in previous post, when you take the analysis model, activities can be described at multiple levels of abstraction.

- In class based elements, a usage scenario has a set of objects which are categorized into classes which is a collection of things that have similar attributes and common behavior.

- In behavioral elements, the behavior of a system effects the chosen design and implementation approach that is applied. A state is an externally observable mode of behavior. State diagrams represents behavior of system depicting states and events that cause system to change state.

- In flow oriented elements, information flows through a computer based system. System accepts input,transform them using functions and produces output.

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