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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Introduction to Crystal Agile Methodology and Agile Modeling

Crystal agile methodology is a software development approach. It is applicable for projects with small teams. It is a light weight approach. It is an adaptable approach. Crystal is a human powered methodology which means focus is on enhancing the work of the people. Crystal is ultra light which means it reduces the paper work, overhead involved. Crystal is stretch to fit methodology which means it grows just enough to get it to the right size. Crystal focuses on people and not processes.

Crystal consists of methodologies like Crystal Yellow, Crystal Orange, Crystal clear etc. It believes that project requires policies, practices and priorities as characteristics. Crystal methodology is based on the observation of various teams. Crystal methodology focuses on things that matter the most and make the most difference.

Agile Modeling suggests modeling is essential for all systems, but that the complexity, type, and size of the model must be in accordance with the software that is to be built. Some principles of agile methodology are:
- Agile Modeling is a practice based methodology.
- Values, principles and practices combine together for modeling.
- Agile Modeling is not a prescriptive process.
- Agile Modeling is not a complete software process.
- Agile Modeling focus on effective modeling and documentation.
- Developers using agile modeling should model with a purpose.
- Different models should be used to present different aspect and only those models should be kept that provide value.
- Traveling light is an appropriate approach for all software engineering work. Build only those models that provide value - no more, no less.
- During modeling, content is more important than representation.
- Be aware of the models and tools that are used to create them.
- The modeling approach should be able to adapt to the needs of agile team.

Agile modeling becomes difficult to implement in large teams, lack of modeling skills or team members are not co-located.

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