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Thursday, July 14, 2011

What are Construction Practices in Software Engineering Practice? - Part 1

In software engineering practice, construction practice includes coding and testing tasks and principles. Coding involves direct creation of source code, automatic generation of source code and automatic generation of executable code using fourth generation programming languages.


Coding principles include preparation principles, coding principles, validation principles.
Preparation principles include:
- good understanding of the problem is necessary.
- good understanding of design principles and concepts.
- choose the right programming language and environment.
- unit tests that are applied once the component you code is completed.

Coding principles include:
- choose data structures.
- constrain algorithms.
- choose software architecture and interfaces.
- nested loops should be simple and easily testable.
- conditional logic should be simple.
- variable names should be meaningful.
- code should be self documenting.

Validation principles include:
- a code walk-through is conducted.
- unit tests are performed.
- code re-factoring is done.

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