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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Introduction to Pattern-based design in software design?

Pattern based design is a technique that reuses the design elements. Each architectural pattern, design pattern, or idiom is cataloged, thoroughly documented and carefully considered as it is assessed for inclusion in a specific application.

A description of design pattern may consider a set of design forces. Design forces are those characteristics of the problem and attributes of the solution that constrain the way in which the design is developed. These design forces also describe the environment and conditions that must exist to make design pattern applicable.

Types of design patterns available are:
- Architectural patterns
The overall structure of software, relationship among subsystems and software components and rules are defined for relationship among elements of architecture.
- Design patterns
It addresses a specific element of design to solve some design problem, relationships among components or mechanisms for good communication among components.
- Idioms
These are language specific patterns. They implement the algorithmic element of a component. They can act as a specific interface protocol or a mechanism for communication among components.

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