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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Introduction to Validation testing? What is the validation criteria?

Validation tries to uncover errors, but the focus is at the requirements level, i.e. on the things that will be immediately apparent to the end user. It begins at the end of integration testing, when all individual modules are packaged and interface errors are uncovered and corrected. In validation testing phase, testing focuses on user visible actions and output that is user recognizable. The criteria of software entering into validation phase is that it functions in a manner that is reasonably expected by the customer.

In software requirements specification, there is a section called validation test criteria. Test plan lists out the tests to be conducted and a test procedure defines test cases. These plan and procedure are designed to ensure that all the functional requirements are satisfied, behavioral characteristics are achieved, performance requirements are attained, usability is met and documentation is done.

Configuration review ensures that all elements of software configuration are properly developed, cataloged and every necessary detail is given. It is also known as audit.

Alpha testing is done at developer's site. It does not happen at usual workplace. The real users are simulated by using these techniques and carrying out tasks and operations that a typical user might perform.

Beta testing is done at end user sites. The developer is not present. It is the live application of software in an environment that is not controlled by the developer. The end user records all the problems that he faces and reports to the developer.

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