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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Introduction to Business Process Engineering?

System engineering helps to translate the needs of the customer into a system model that makes use of elements like software, hardware, people, database, documentation and procedures.
Business process engineering is a system engineering approach that defines architecture enabling a business to use the information more effectively and efficiently. It helps in creating an overall plan for implementing computing architecture.

There are three different types of architectures defined and developed keeping business goals in mind. These are:

- Data architectures provides a framework. Data objects used by business are building blocks. After defining the data objects, the relationships among them are identified. The data objects flow between business functions are organized within database and are transformed to provide information.
- Application architectures is a system of programs that transforms objects within data architecture for business purpose.
- Technology architecture provides the foundation for data and application architecture. It includes hardware and software used to support data and application.

The main aim of business process engineering is to derive data architecture, application architecture and technology infrastructure which will meet the needs, goals and objectives of the business.

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