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Monday, January 24, 2011

What are different tasks representing WebApp interface design?

The user interface design begins with
- identification of user.
- identification of task.
- identification of environmental requirements.
Once these are identified, user scenarios are created and analyzed.


- The information that is contained in the analysis model is reviewed and refined as required.
- A rough sketch of web application interface layout is developed.
- The user objectives should be mapped into specific interface actions.
- A set of user tasks associated with action should be defined.
- Each interface action should have a storyboard screen image which depicts the interface response to user interaction.
- The input from aesthetic design should be used to refine the interface layout and storyboards.
- Implementing interface requires user interface objects. These user interface objects should be identified which may require a search through an existing object library.
- A procedural representation of user's interaction with interface is developed.
- A behavioral representation of the interface is also developed. It may use UML state diagrams to represent state mechanisms.
- Each state's interface layout is described using design information developed in tasks 2 and tasks 5.
- The interface design model should be refined and reviewed.

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