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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Model Driven Architecture (MDA) - Characteristics and Viewpoints

OMG was formed as a standards organization to help reduce complexity, lower costs, and hasten the introduction of new software applications.
- The Object Management Group (OMG) adopted the Model Driven Architecture as an approach for using models in software development.
- Its three primary goals are portability, interoperability and reusability through architectural separation of concerns.

Characteristics of Model Driven Architecture(MDA)

- MDA enables development of new specifications.
- MDA provides a comprehensive, structured solution for application interoperability and portability into the future.
- MDA consists of services specified by OMG. It also includes directory services, event handling, persistence, transactions, and security.
- MDA enables the creation of standardized domain models for some vertical industries.
- MDA separates the operation of the system from the way it uses its capabilities of its platform.
- MDA enables converting platform-independent models to produce platform-specific models using mappings.

What are different viewpoints of Model Driven Architecture

- The first viewpoint is called Computation Independent Viewpoint which focuses on environment and requirements of the system rather than the details of system's structure and processing.
- The second viewpoint is called Platform Independent Viewpoint which focuses on how the system operates. It hides the details necessary for a particular platform. The part of complete specification does not change when the platform changes.
- The third viewpoint is called Platform Specific Viewpoint which focus on the detail of the use of a specific platform in addition to platform independent viewpoint.

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