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Monday, January 31, 2011

Analysis Model and analysis activities for Web Applications

The analysis model of web application is driven by information contained within the use cases that have been developed for the application. Analysis modeling focuses on four fundamental aspects - content, interaction, function, and configuration. Content that is presented by the web application is identified and functions to be performed are extracted from use case descriptions.


- Content analysis: It identifies the content across the full range provided by the web application. The content includes text, graphics, images, audio and video.
- Interaction analysis: The user interaction with the web application is defined in the interaction analysis.
- Functional analysis: There are operations and some other processing functions that are applied on the web application. These operations and processing functions are defined in functional analysis. These functions are independent of content but necessary for the end user.
- Configuration analysis: The environment and infrastructure is described in which the web application resides.

All the information that is obtained from these four steps is reviewed, modified as required and then organized into a model which contains structural elements that identifies analysis classes and content objects and dynamic elements that describes all the structural elements interact with one another and with end users.

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