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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Volume tests - Volume Testing of Batch Processing Systems

Capacity drivers in batch processing systems are also critical as certain record types may require significant CPU processing, while other record types may invoke substantial database and disk activity. Some batch processes also contain substantial aggregation processing, and the mix of transactions can significantly impact the processing requirements of the aggregation phase.

In addition to the contents of any batch file, the total amount of processing effort may also depend on the size and makeup of the database that the batch process interacts with. Also, some details in the database may be used to validate batch records, so the test database must match test batch files.

Before conducting a meaningful test on a batch system, the following must be known :
- The capacity drivers for the batch records.
- The mix of batch records to be processed, grouped by capacity driver.
- Peak expected batch sizes (check end of month, quarter and year batch sizes).
- Similarity of production database and test database.
- Performance Requirements.

Batch runs can be analyzed and the capacity drivers can be identified, so that large batches can be generated for validation of processing within batch windows. Volume tests are also executed to ensure that the anticipated numbers of transactions are able to be processed and that they satisfy the stated performance requirements.

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