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Monday, January 24, 2011

Aesthetic or Graphic Design - Layout Issues and Graphic Design Issues

Aesthetic or Graphic design makes the web application appealing, though it is functional in nature. It is an artistic angle that compliments the technical aspects of web engineering. To perform aesthetic design, web application users decide how they want the application to look like.

General Layout Guidelines To Consider When Screen Layout Is Designed

- Do not over crowd the web page with too much information as it makes it difficult for the suer to identify the needed information and it creates too much visual chaos.
- Scrolling on web page should be reduced as the users prefer not to scroll much. The best idea is to reduce the content or just put necessary content.
- The design should specify all layout items as a percentage of available space.
- There has to be a pattern that should be followed during group navigation, content and function geographically within the page.
- Web application should be designed in a way in which there is more emphasis on content. A typical web page should contain eighty percent of content with the remaining part dedicated to navigation and other features.
- Users have a tendency to scan the web page in a way they scan the page of a book i.e. from top-left to bottom right. High priority elements should be placed in upper-left portion of the page.


Graphic design begins with layout and then it covers the color schemes, sizes, styles, use of media, typefaces and all other aesthetic elements of an application.
Different web sites provide design tips and guidelines.

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