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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Software Six Sigma for Software Engineering

Software Six Sigma is a strategy to enhance and sustain continuous improvements in software development process and quality management. It uses data and statistical analysis to measure and improve company's performance by eliminating defects in manufacturing and service related processes.


- genuine metric data.
- accurate planning.
- real time analysis and decision support by the use of statistical tools.
- high quality product.
- software improvement costs and benefits.


- Customer requirements are defined, project goals via well defined methods.
- Quality performance is determined by measuring existing process and its output.
- Analyzing the defect metrics.
- Process improvement is done by eliminating the root causes of defects.
- Process control to ensure changes made in future will not introduce the cause of defects again.
These steps are referred to as DMAIC(define, measure,analyze,improve and control) method.

- Design the process to avoid the root causes of defects and to meet customer requirements.
- Verify the process model will avoid defects and meet customer requirements.
This variation is called DMADV(define, measure, analyze, design, and verify) method.

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