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Monday, June 14, 2010

International Standard Organization ISO 9001:2000 Clauses 1-4

ISO 9001:2000 standard gives the requirements to develop a quality management system. The standard has eight clauses.

Clause 1: Scope
The first clause specifies the scope of the document which defines the quality management system to deliver a quality product.
Clause 2: Normative Reference
All the references to the document are specified in this clause.
Clause 3: Terms and Definitions
All the terms and conditions that are specified in ISO 9000:2000 are specified in this clause.
Clause 4.1: General Requirements
To deliver a quality product, the management should have a well-defined and documented quality management system that defines the processes to be followed. The processes should include both technical and managerial processes.
Clause 4.2: Documentation Requirements
Quality policy, Quality manual, Detailed definition of procedures mentioned in quality manual, Quality records are included in the documentation of quality management.
Clause 4.2.2: Quality Manual
All the processes that are to be followed for the entire software development life cycle should be described in quality manual. The quality manual can refer to other documents that gives details of the process definition.
Clause 4.2.3: Control of documents
A procedure should be established for controlling the documents as the documents related to the processes and projects will change time to time.
Clause 4.2.4: Control of records
It is necessary to maintain records to give evidence to the external auditing agencies that the quality system is being effectively operational.


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