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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Manual Testing and what are its drawbacks/limitations.

Software testing is carried out manually in many organizations. The test team generates various test cases and manually tests each and every feature after the product is reached its completion stage. If defect is found, It is rectified and again the software is tested using the test cases. There are few drawbacks or limitations of manual testing.
- Manual testing is error prone because test engineers become bored when testing has to be done repeatedly. To test a we site, each and every link has to be checked.
- Manual testing is very time consuming. The same set of operations need to be done repeatedly.
- Regression testing has to be done to ensure that changes in one portion of the software have no ill effects on other portions of the software.
- To do performance testing, many resources are required, both computer and people. On the other hand, automated tools facilitate running the software from a single client machine.
- Even to manage the testing process is complicated as the testing has to be planned, bugs have to be tracked and reliability analysis has to be performed.

Manual testing is time consuming, error prone and requires lot of infrastructure and manpower, these limitations can be overcome if the testing process is automated. The testing tools reduce manual testing to a large extent and the testing can be done done automatically.

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