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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What are the advantages of automated testing over manual testing ?

Manual testing is time consuming, error prone and requires lot of infrastructure and manpower. All these limitations can be overcome if the testing process becomes automated. There are many advantages in using these automated testing tolls :
- To improve the quality and reliability of the software, the functionality of software can be repeatedly tested using automated testing tools.
- Testing can be done during nighttime and during holidays i.e. testing can be done unattended using automated testing tools.
- The labor involved can be reduced using automated testing tools when the software has to be tested in different hardware platforms, different operating systems, using different browsers etc.
- Performance testing can be done without the need for many computers and many test engineers. The test tools simulate multiple users on a single machine. As compared to manual testing, finding out transaction response times when multiple users access the same application will be very easy.
- By effectively using the automated testing tools, testing process can be planned and managed effectively.
- Automated testing tools give a systematic approach to the testing process.
- There is a drastic reduction in time, effort and money spent on testing.
- There is an improvement in quality and reliability of the software after using automated testing tools.
- Even if the teams are at different geographical locations, there is efficient management of the testing process.
- Test reports can be generated automatically.
- Testing can be done using tools that are available to test not only generic applications but also for DLLs, VB programs, Siebel, Power builder software etc.

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